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Virtual com port for USB CDC is not enumerating for FRDMK20D50M

Question asked by harshal dalal on Nov 25, 2015
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I'm very new to freescale, 2 days back I received FRDMK20D50M board. I followed quick start guide and install P&E driver as well as update application. I tried Blink_rgb_freedom.srec example and serial_test_115200.srec precompiled examples from Quick Start Package by simply copy-paste in MSD and its working perfectly. In future I want to make my custom board which must communicate through USB CDC hence I'm trying to communicate over USB CDC (USB of target MCU Mk20DX128VLH5).

But in Device manager of windows 8.1 its not showing any hardware detect or Com port.


Is there any way to enumerate USB CDC or does any one have binary(.elf) file or driver which initiate serial communication over USB?


Thank you