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MKL03Z8 -running out of space when using KDS3.0 /KSDK1.3

Question asked by Liviu Danaila on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Liviu Danaila

Hi All,


I am new to the Freescale IDE and KDS. I have a project where I was trying to use MKL03Z8 to run a few very simple tasks. I only need an interrupt tick and a PWM output running off the internal MCU clock in this simple controller. I configured the ports and clock using Processor Expert and the test code compiles fine. The problem is that before even adding the interrupt manager the .elf has a size of 0x1A64. As soon as I add the interrupt manager or the timer I run out of space. Unfortunately I already built the boards using the MCU that has only 8K Flash, and I would appreciate if I can get some help to address this issue. I've been trying for a few days already to get it to work and I am about to give up...

I think that the problem is that both the clock manager and the interrupt controller are high level drivers with a lot of functionality and options packed inside, and their complied size is to large to fit inside the smallest flash size in this family.

Does anybody have a simple project that sets the internal clock to IRC, LPTMR to generate an interrupt and one of the other timers to generate a PWM?

Thanks in advance.