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Unable to use ethernet ports on T1040RDB as dhcp/static. Unable to ping

Question asked by Surendra Dhobale on Nov 25, 2015


    I am working on the T1040RDB board. I am able to boot the board. After mounting  filesystem on linux unable to use ethernet ports. I am triong to use either ETH0 or ETH1 ports. Accoerding to reference document . ETH0 --> fm1-gb3  in linux. Trying to use as either static or the dynanic. When configures as dynamic unable to get the ip of the network.

Unable to ping for the other ip on the network. Same affter configured as static. Our intention in linux we need the ip and able to ping to other machine.


When we check in the uboot and asign serverip and ipaddress able to tftp boot and able to connect with the sever machine. But not happening in the linux.


What is the procedure to up the port as dynamic? Its not mentiioned in any document.


Please help.