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Sabre i.MX6DL Gstreamer single frame stepping

Question asked by steveevers on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by alejandrolozano

When implementing a GStreamer 1.0 mp4 decode pipeline on a Sabre i.MX6DL platform with the fsl-image-qt5, forward and reverse playing at various speeds works fine. When implementing single frame stepping as detailed in:


Basic tutorial 13: Playback speed - GStreamer SDK documentation - GStreamer SDK documentation


the vpudec is not rendering the decoded image for the next frame. I've modified this GStreamer example to setup up a simple decode pipe, starts decoding an mp4 file, and issue gst_event_new_step() events to the pipeline. The pipeline does appear to advance and reverse the media as reported by gst_element_query_position() calls, but the rendering is not updated (it is stuck at the point it was paused).


Thanks for any tips or suggestions on getting the vpu to render new frames on gst_event_new_step() calls.


HW/SW description:

Dev board = Sabre i.MX6DL

Freescale release = fsl-yocto-3.14.28-1.0.0

graphics backend = eglfs

bitback image = fsl-image-qt5