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MCC Character driver

Question asked by on Nov 24, 2015
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This is regarding the 6SoloX. I've been looking at the MCC tty and pingpong example drivers, but am not finding any fully functioning MCC driver for Linux. I tried to start writing one myself, but am having trouble with making the driver asynchronous as even the MCC library in the Linux kernel has not added the ISR functionality. I see a device driver example (mu.c), but that uses rpmsg, and as far as I understand that is not supported by MQX.


It seems strange that the core functionality of the 6SoloX is not properly supported on the A9/Linux side. At least not to the extent where I can access the MCC from userspace.


Am I missing something? Does anyone know where I might find a working driver?


Thanks for any help.


/ Finn