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raw ethernet with MQX on i.mx6 SoloX

Question asked by johannesstuttner on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by johannesstuttner

Hi Guy´s,


I'm trying to port a proprietary Ethernet protocol that sends and receives Ethernet packages with fixed Headers in a constantly recurring period of time on the M4 Core of i.MX6 SX Processor (Sabre Eval Board) by using the MQX RTOS.


Unfortunately, I have found that there is no Ethernet support in the i.MX6 SX release of MQX. Also the IO Drivers for the ATHEROS AR8031-AL1B Ethenet controller are missing. Can someone help my out how to get the Controller/ETH1 Port up and running on the SabreSD Board? Can the phy Driver from an other MQX release (for example: phy_ksz8041.c) can be used or adopted?!


In addition, which registers of  the i.MX6SX (Enet memory map) need to be set, to dump send and receive fixed Ethernet packages with MQX?

I am using the ping pong example from mcc examples for testing purpose.


thanks greets