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Help! MC9S08SG32E1WTL standby current exceeds the manual value

Question asked by Wei Zheng on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by vicentegomez

Hi everyone

Recently, my company purchased some MC9S08SG32E1WTL chips from Mouser

electronics(a distributor of Freescale). In the production testing stage, all

products(about 100 sets) standby current are found to exceed the standard. The

measured current is up to 40~90uA, which is ~10uA before. When I repalce the

MCU chip to the same type one (previous purchased ),the whole measured current

is down to 10uA. My products is powered by a Lithium battery.Standby current

is a key indicator .


What causes this problem? And how to solve this problem?





Here some informations about MC9S08SG32E1WTL running:

1, standby mode:STOP3

2, in stop mode, internal clock disabled, external clock enabled

3, using external crystal 32.768KHz, bus clock 2.09MHz

4, LVD disabled