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Unable to hit software breakpoints in a kernel module p2020rdb, t4240rdb (64-bit) using CodeWarrior + GigaTAP.

Question asked by Saqlain Raza on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Saqlain Raza

Hello Everyone,


I have been running into some problems when trying to debug a kernel module using codewarrior IDE for Power and a Giga bit probe.

Kernel debugging works perfectly fine with both SW and HW breakpoints hitting. However when I try to debug a kernel module then none of the software breakpoints placed inside the kernel module gets hit, though I am able to get HW bp's hit in the KMod which points to something that the module actually tries to access the addresses on which the breakpoints are being placed.


I have built my kernel with debug information and includes CodeWarrior Debug Support from the kernel menuconfig.


Is there any thing else which I am missing ?