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Flush Cache in A5 Linux

Question asked by carlo val gocela on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Timesys Support

I encountered some issues writing to a memory that we allocated to be shared both the A5 and M4.

When I write to the shared memory in A5, not all data is being reflected immediately. It will only reflect when we tried to rewrite the data again.


Here is a scenario of what i am doing.

1.  mmap the /dev/mem

2.  update data in the shared memory

3. read in the M4.

    Result: not all are reflected.

4. rewrite again in A5.

5.  read in the M4.

    Result:  all are reflected.


We have similar experience in M4 and we solve it by calling _DCACHE_FLUSH_MLINES(). to flush the data after writing.

Does anybody know what would be the equivalent for flushing DCACHE in A5?