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About bug of Ethernet Driver of YOCTO Linux BSP for i.MX6UL

Question asked by yuuki on Nov 24, 2015

Dear all,


We run Yocto Linux BSP on MX6UL_EVK board.
Linux : fsl-yocto-L3.14.38_6ul-ga.tar.gz


We test an Ethernet function(at High load).
However, when the Receive transaction stops, some data are left in the Receive descriptor queue(and FIFO).
(Linux Kernel cannot receive data.)


If some packets are received as a dummy in addition the data in descripter queue are sent to kaernel.


We think as follows.
In the case of high load, the Receive polling is executed by the interrupt trigger.
However, an interrupt does not occur when the Receive stops.
As a result, data have remained in teh Receive descriptor queue.


May I have the patch which revised this problem?


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