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MPC5606B : Accessing D-Flash area for NVM data

Question asked by Raghavendra Puranik on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Lukas Zadrapa



In our project for storing of NVM data we are having 2 options one is EEPROM (external to MPC5606B) and also D-Flash which is within MPC5606B ( Limited to 64KB).

I would like to use the 64KB D-Flash area to store,read and write application specific NVM data. I need suggestion or sample code to know how could i access this area for my application.


Basically i would like to store,read and flash data into this section separately when compared to C-Flash area.

Also during compilation itself i would like to tell/address to compiler that these NVM data resides in D-Flash area.


Please suggest me different design options so that i can choose the best needed for my application.


Below is my environment details :


Board : MPC5606B

Compiler : GreenHills

Configuration Tool for Firmware : RappiD

IDE : Eclipse

P.S : When we exceed 64kb then we will use EEPROM chip for NVM store,read and write.



Raghavendra P