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KL25Z(with USBDM Firmware) is not programming the target device

Question asked by Alican Kurutepe on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2015 by Alican Kurutepe

Hello All,


I am trying to program my custom board with kl25z-freedom.

Custom board has MKV31F128VLH10.


i did install USBDM and its drivers. After that i uploaded the usbdm sda firmware to kl25z.

to prevent unwanted interference i uploaded BootLoopMKL.elf file to on board mcu of kl25z.

everything was perfect. then i cut the jumper J11 on kl25z and made connections between kl25z and my sutom board.

i connected swdio, swclk and gnd and jtag_reset.


After connections are made i did power my board up and in arm programmer i clicked on detect device. flawlessly, probe detected the

MKV31F128VLH10. to make sure i did mass erase the device. erasing was successful.


But when it comes to programming flash, it fails like that in the picture



But its confusing that verify flash seems working