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iMX6SoloX documentation questions

Question asked by alevyzebra on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Artur Petukhov

Hi.  I have several questions regarding the LCDIF section of Freescale document IMX6SXRM.


- Table 37-2 (eLCDIF Clocks) is empty.  Clearly there are clocks required for this component, what should be in the table?

- The PANIC section in the "LCDIFx_THRES field descriptions" is empty.  I think this is what is being described in section, but the example there also contains typos.  For instance, it says "To set the panic output when 3/4s of the LFIFO is empty, set the LCDIF_THRES_PANIC value to 3/4 * 512, or 128."   I think what was meant to be written was "1/4 * 512," correct?

- Some of the LCDIF registers (e.g. LCDIFx_RLn, LCDIFx_CTRL1n, and LCDIFx_CTRL2n) indicate their addresses as "Base address + 0h offset + (4d x i) where i=0d to 3d."  Is the following correct?

   - i = 0 refers to using the "general" LCDIFx_RL register

   - i = 1 refers to using the LCDIFx_RL_SET register

   - i = 2 refers to using the LCDIFx_RL_CLR register, and

   - i = 3 refers to using the LCDIFx_RL_TOG