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SLCD for FRDM-KL43Z, how to write with Processor Expert Functions

Question asked by Christopher Demos on Nov 22, 2015
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I'm using the FRDM-KL43z fsl_slcd component in the SDK 1.3.0 to interface the on-board LCD display. I am using processor expert to initialize it.


First question, is there a function (method) for writing to the display in the fsl_slcd component? I wasn't able to find one, so I've been using the fsl_gpio component for each pin and have been using the TogglePinOutput method (function) to write to the screen but it hasn't been very easy.


Second question, if this is the only way to write to the screen, am I able to set COM0, COM1, COM2 and COM3 to back plane phase this way;using the fsl_gpio functions?


Third question, how do I use COM to write to the board? I thought I needed to set all of the data pins (pins 5 through 12) and then toggle the specific COM pin that I want to use in order to write to the board, but this hasn't been working.


This is my component set up:


This is my code at the moment:


I've been restricted to using only the Toggle method, because I can't get any output when I use SetPinOuput or WritePinOutput.


I was initially using this image off the datasheet, in my efforts:

But I think that the a,b,c, etc. are backwards, though I'm not sure. I think this image is the actual set up:

Thanks for your help!