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Kinetis Flex NVM read just after reset causes a bus error

Question asked by MAURO ANSALONI on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by MAURO ANSALONI

Hello everybody. I'm seeking for some suggestions about a weird problem on a MK10dx32


If I read some bytes from the Flash NVM arranged as EEPROM just after being out of reset, either at power up or after a voluntary reset (watch dog) I get a bus error.

This causes a new start of the program that resets again and again.

The phenomenon shows on many boards , not on all , so i think there must be something critical, but not completely wrong.


To stop this evil behavior and being able to read without troubles I placed  a delay of 100msec  before the first read of the NVM EEPROM  

Is it  a workaround or is something that has to be normally done?

A search through the documentation did not bring any light, so I'm asking if someone already experienced a similar thing.


Thanks for any hint or suggestion