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CodeWarrior 10.6, KSDK, and PE

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by SCOTT MILLER

I'm new to Kinetis and still scratching my head over the relationship between all of the tools.  After years on CodeWarrior 6.3, I moved to 10.6 to be able to use a modern OS and to have a single development environment for my existing HCS08 and Coldfire projects as well as my new Kinetis projects.  It's starting to look like using CW for Kinetis might have been a bad choice, with Freescale in the process of abandoning it, but seeing as I've already sunk the money into a license I figure I'll try to stick it out for a bit.


I'm trying to get started with a USB MSD implementation on a K22F as a replacement for a Coldfire v1 MCU running a Freescale-provided USB stack.  It looks like the Kinetis SDK is where I would find the equivalent stack, and indeed there's a demo app, but it looks like the KSDK is not set up to work with CodeWarrior.


I would jump in and start trying to build what I need, but I thought I ought to check if this was a solved problem already.  Also, I'm not clear on the relationship of KSDK to Processor Expert.  I'm finally getting used to PE and I would rather not break it.


tl;dr:Need a USB stack for Kinetis K22 series.  Where do I get it, and how do I get it into CW 10.6 without breaking PE?