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Debug issue with KDS PEMicro Multilink Universal FX and FRDMK22F

Question asked by Steve Brecheisen on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Steve Brecheisen

We have been using the Freescale FRDMK22F Development board with KDS 3.0.  This has been working fine debugging using the Segger J-Link driver  connected through the OpenSDA interface (with the USB connection to the FRDMK22F from the Windows 7 PC running KDS).


But now we are moving toward using our custom hardware which won't have an OpenSDA interface, so I am attempting to connect directly to the FRDMK22F K22F MCU using a PEMicro Multilink Univeral FX probe connected to the J11 connector on the FRDMK22F.


KDS appears to connect fine to the PEMicro Multilink Universal FX probe, but fails when attempting to debug the hardware.


We have cut the J7 trace as indicated in the FRDMK22F User's Guide, to isolate the MCU from the OpenSDA debug interface.


The FRDMK22F is being powered by an external 5V power supply, and the TargerPower present LED lights up on the PEMicro Multilink Universal FX probe.