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QorIQ RDB boards and the RCW override

Question asked by Elizabeth Snoey Employee on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Sinan Akman

Question Per Partner Lauterbach

I still think the RCW override should work board independently, but maybe SOC dependent.
But there seem to be additional parameters I don't know (yet):
In fact we have one T2080RDB and one T2080QDS board. If both boards are setup to get the RCW from the flash and we delete the RCW from the flash both systems won't come up.
An external debugger now still has the chance to bring them up with a temporary RCW. This works for the T2080QDS, but it doesn't work for the T2080RDB.
I really need to understand why there is such a difference and how we can solve it to bring up the SOC on every board using the temporary RCW override.

Also, if there is any documentation for this that would be helpful.