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spanning tree propocol (STP) on ethernet switch

Question asked by vitech on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Rene Kolarik

Greetings, comrades! Have some questions about ethernet switch in Vybrid processor. I'm implementing spanning tree protocol on it, facing some difficulties such as: 1) How can i know from which external port I receive current bpdu frame? What will happen when I receive the same frame from 2 different external ports in short period of time? Is learning fifo is the only one way to get this info?

2) when I'm reading data from learning fifo slower then ESW writes there, will I loss info from new frames? Will I lose info with port number & mac address from received frames when learning fifo is full?

3) Are there any examples or demos of STP or maybe RSTP available for internal switch? linux, mqx, baremetal or whatever. maybe for others freescale controllers?

Thanks, Vitaly.