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KL03 PE LPTMR Hal Functions Commented Out?

Question asked by Frank Roberts on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Hui_Ma


  We are starting a project with the KL03 and are using the LPTMR.  I enable the LPTMR using PE LPTMR component and it never hits the callback function?  In inspecting other areas of the code generated from PE and I look at the fsl_lptmr_hal.c, fsl_lptmr_hal.h, fsl_lptmr_driver.c, fsl_lptmr_driver.h all the functions in these files are 'greyed' out?  They are #if with the FSL_FEATURE_SOC_LPTMR_COUNT which is defined in the MKL03Z4_features.h file which clearly shows the LPTMR as being a feature in this device but all the files are not finding the #define in the features.h file?


In MKL03Z4_features.h(referenced from fsl_device_registers.h)

/* @brief LPTMR availability on the SoC. */



All the files referenced above have functions such as what is shown below greyed out because it apparently is not finding the definition of #define FSL_FEATURE_SOC_LPTMR_COUNT (1)??



* Function Name : LPTMR_DRV_Start

* Description   : Start LPTMR counter

* This function will start LPTMR internal counter to count the time or pulse



lptmr_status_t LPTMR_DRV_Start(uint32_t instance)


    assert(instance < LPTMR_INSTANCE_COUNT);



    LPTMR_Type * base = g_lptmrBase[instance];




    return kStatus_LPTMR_Success;



Ultimately I am just trying to get the LPTMR running and have it go to either the Interrupt or the callback and have not been able to get either method to work...