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Problem in using the Flash Programmer of CodeWarrior Development Studio for QorIQ LS series - ARM V7 ISA       Version: 10.0.7

Question asked by nagi reddy chitta on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by nagi reddy chitta


I am using TWR-LS1021A-PB evolution board and trying to use Flash Programmer which is part of CW Dev Studio(Version:10.0.7) to Flash the UBoot in NOR Flash Bank1 area of EV Board, but seems like Erase is working but not program.


I have chosen the "Flash File To Target" Option from Flash Programmer ikon and followed the steps according to the help provided by Freescale.


Pls see the Console output when i execute the Target Task.


fl::target -lc "LC for Simple Flash"

fl::target -b 0x10000000 0x20000

fl::target -v off -l off

cmdwin::fl::device -d "JS28F00AM29EWHA" -o "64Mx16x1" -a 0x60000000 0x67ffffff

cmdwin::fl::image -f "F:\\Debug\\u-boot\\u-boot.bin" -t "Auto Detect" -re on -r 0x60000000 0x67ffffff -oe on -o 0x4100000

cmdwin::fl::erase image

Beginning Operation ...   


Auto-detection is successful.  

  File is of type Binary/Raw Format.  


Image size is 0 bytes, nothing to erase.  

Nothing to erase.  No sectors selected

Performing target initialization ...   

     1570200  <m>0xFFFFFFFF</m>   .... 

Erase Command Succeeded.  



Using restricted address range 0x60000000 to 0x67FFFFFF  

Programming file F:\Debug\u-boot\u-boot.bin  

Auto-detection is successful.  

  File is of type Binary/Raw Format.  


0 Bytes Programmed, Check Restricted Address Range  

Program Command Succeeded



Does anyone in the community tried this on the LS1021A Evo board?

I would really appreciate for any help to fix this issue.


Best Regards,