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How are the MDIO busses routed out on the T1040RDB?

Question asked by Larry5335 on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by lunminliang

Can you help me understand the layout of the MDIO buses on the T1040RDB?  In particular, Section of T1040DPAARM lists MDIO-1, MDIO-2, MDIO-3, MDIO-4, MDIO-5 and 2 dedicated MDIOs for FMANv3. I’ve found that that first dedicated MDIO (at 0xFE4F_C000) is used for the Realtek Phy for ETH0, ETH1 and ETH2.  Are the other MDIOs connected to anything?


The reason I ask is that I can’t receive data.  I followed U-boot through and noticed it’s initializing something on MDIO-3 (at 0xFE4E_5000).  Once that is initialized, I’m able to receive data. However, I don’t know what device is on that bus and can’t figure out why U-boot is initializing it.