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IMX28 Micro SD Card on SSP2

Question asked by Hariharan Veerappan on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by Hariharan Veerappan

We have developed a custom board having Micro SD Card interfaced on IMX28 SSP2.


pinmux details are as given below,


static struct pin_desc mmc1_pins_desc[] = {

        { PINID_SSP2_SCK, PIN_FUN1, PAD_8MA, PAD_3V3, 1},

        { PINID_SSP2_MOSI, PIN_FUN1, PAD_8MA, PAD_3V3, 1},

        { PINID_SSP2_MISO, PIN_FUN1, PAD_8MA, PAD_3V3, 1},

        { PINID_SSP2_SS0, PIN_FUN1, PAD_8MA, PAD_3V3, 1},

        { PINID_SSP2_SS1, PIN_FUN2, PAD_8MA, PAD_3V3, 1},

        { PINID_SSP2_SS2, PIN_FUN2, PAD_8MA, PAD_3V3, 1},



struct imx_ssp_mmc_cfg ssp_mmc_cfg[1] = {




With this configuration, when we try to access micro SD Card, uboot console hangs.

Please share your inputs whether Micro SD Card can be interfaced with IMX28 SSP2 as above.