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Can't copy/paste projects in Project Explorer

Question asked by Gary Lynch on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Rande Newberry

While trying to solve another problem I decided to de-clutter
my workspace by deleting non-essential projects.  I first
made a back-up copy of workspace.kds, then shut down KDS,
and deleted the superfluous directories.  This didn't
terminate perfectly, as the directory holding the last
project I had open wouldn't go away as Windows reported it
in use by another program.  All its files disappeared, but
the directory itself remains.


I then re-started KDS and discovered it still thought all
the projects were still there, so I deleted them again
inside Project Explorer using the Delete command under the
context menu.


I then attempted to clone a project using copy/paste
commands from the context menu.  Copy seemed to work, but
Paste was dimmed out.  I tried shutting down KDS, then re-
booting Windows, but it didn't help.  I then returned to the
backed-up workspace, but it now has the same problem.


This happened on Kinetis 3.0.0 under Windows 7.


I have trawled all the forums and it appears I am the only
person to whom this has happened.  Is there a recovery path?