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[MQX on K64] post a semaphore during an interrupt creates a hardfault

Question asked by samuel boivineau on Nov 19, 2015
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I have tried to use most of the project sai_demo to test the SAI peripheral, but I have been stuck for a few days by a semaphore posted during an interrupt that creates a hardfault. The target is a K64F120M.


In fsl_soundcard.c, the function OSA_SemaPost(&buffer->sem) is used by SND_TxCallback, called by SND_TxDmaCallback, that is called by a DMA interrupt if my understanding is correct :

- EDMA_DRV_InstallCallback(&ctrl->dma_channel, SND_TxDmaCallback, (void *)card);


In the MQX documentation, I don't see anything about interrupt context.

And if I follow the post of the semaphore, then the sw goes to _lwsem_post, and sees that the semaphore is at 0, and a task is waiting for it, so the task is set ready and _CHECK_RUN_SCHEDULER is called. Then I jump into my HardFault_Handler, and I got those registers :


r0 = 0x1

r1 = 0x2000049c

r2 = 0x1

r3 = 0x1

r12 = 0x1fff0be0

lr = 0x30ab3          => in the code of _lwsem_wait_ticks, after _sched_execute_scheduler_internal and the result.

pc = 0x4b6               => instruction "bx lr"  in _sched_execute_scheduler_internal (defined by macro as _CHECK_RUN_SCHEDULER)

psr = 0x1000000


So is it ok to post a semaphore inside an interrupt ?

Maybe I have a missed some configuration ?

Currently I am doing some polling but it's not the aim for a rtos ...

What is also curious is the link register with a value with 3 at the end, there is no alignement required ? It would be some register over-written by someone ? but who ? And which stack or heap would be impacted ?


Thanks for your help