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MMZ09332BT1: Difference between data sheet and s-parameters in s2p file

Question asked by Elliot Taylor on Nov 18, 2015



I am interested in using the MMZ09332BT1 in one of my projects which will incorporate the amplifier into an RF transmitter, transmitting at 145MHz. I was comparing the input return loss on the data sheet to that given in the s-parameters file for my frequency. In the data sheet ( the graph shows an input return loss of around -15 to -20 (pg.21). The s2p file however, shows an s11 magnitude of 0.626794634 for 144MHz. In dB this is 20log(0.627) which is only ~ -4dB.


Why is there this large difference and which value should I take to be more accurate?


Also is there a 1db compression point value and a ACPR value available for the frequency range of 136–174 MHz?


Thanks in advance for any help.