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CAN Receive Buffers on MKE06Z128VLH4

Question asked by Sam Kreuze on Nov 18, 2015
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I'm developing an application on the MKE06Z128VLH4 which will use CAN for communication. In KDS I added the CAN_LDD component, configured it, and generated code. I am able to communicate via CAN using this module.  Now I would like to add another CAN RX Buffer to the component. In the Component Selector for CAN_LDD ->Settings->Message Buffers, I add a receive buffer but it will not allow it because it claims "CAN device supports only 1 receive buffer/s."  However, in the reference manual for this processor it claims "Five receive buffers with FIFO storage scheme"


I can add 3 transmit buffers to the component like the reference manual says.


Am I using the wrong component? or is this an issue with processor expert? or is there something I'm missing?


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