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Problem with create a task

Question asked by Hossein Moghaddam on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Hossein Moghaddam

Hello everybody

I tried to built my custom app by combining GPIO example and throughput demo provided by qualcomm using IAR embedded workbench . You could find second here : 

What I changed : 1- clear MQX_AUTO_START_TASK for "WMICONFIG_TASK1" and "WMICONFIG_TASK2" and "SHELL_TASK" in the tasks.c of throughput demo and I add my main task as MQX_AUTO_START_TASK .

Here is my main_task code :

void main_task(uint32_t initial_data){

    /* Structures holding information about specific pin */

    LWGPIO_STRUCT  btn1;

    _task_id wmiconfig1_task_id , wmiconfig2_task_id , shell_task_id ;



        printf("Initializing button GPIO as input failed.\n");



   lwgpio_set_functionality(&btn1, BSP_BUTTON1_MUX_GPIO);

   lwgpio_set_attribute(&btn1, LWGPIO_ATTR_PULL_UP, LWGPIO_AVAL_ENABLE);

   while (TRUE)


   if (LWGPIO_VALUE_LOW == lwgpio_get_value(&btn1)){




   if (wmiconfig1_task_id == MQX_NULL_TASK_ID){printf("wmiconfig_task1 can't be created\n");}

   if (wmiconfig2_task_id == MQX_NULL_TASK_ID){printf("wmiconfig_task2 can't be created\n");}

   if (shell_task_id == MQX_NULL_TASK_ID){printf("shell_task can't be created\n");}




when I load my application to my FRDM_K22F and run it it tells me in the tera term console :

wmiconfig_task1 can't be created

wmiconfig_task2 can't be created

shell_task can't be created