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Several channels from one ADC

Discussion created by Elisa Mejia on Nov 18, 2015



I have to digitize 3 different signals and show them in a TWR-LCD-RGB. For that I am using the TWR-K70 module and I want to use the tower elevator connections because I don't have the TWRPI connector, so I have no access to ADC2 or ADC3. Therefore, I have to use 3 different channels using only 2 components, ADC0 and ADC1. For what I've seen there are several channels for each of these components, for example ADC0 has ADC0_DP1 and ADC0_DM1, but whenever I try to create several Processor Expert components using these different channels but the same ADC component, it returns an error and indicates that "AD converter is already used by the other component".


How can I accomplish my 3 simultaneous ADC reads using these 2 ADC components in my TWR-K70? Is it possible to do it using Processor Expert?


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