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IMx platfrom SDK for Nitrogen Lite

Question asked by Prasanna Prabhu S on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Gary Bisson

I have a Nitrogen lite board from Boundary devices and with imx6 solo processor, I did compile the whole and I have different folders in board/ folder.. As Nitrogen Lite board config is same as that of Sabre SD , I chose board/mx6sdl/sabre_ai/ and checked the mux configurations, but UART Mux Pins did not match up, I did change the same -compiled it and flashed it to a SD card and sad to find no out put. Can anyone help me fixing this?


(FYI, I did current UART2 Mux configurations to the one which is suggested for Nitrogen Lite board,also change the same in .xml file in one of the revisions.)


My question is did any one did test platform SDK in Nitrogen devices? Or is that I am missing something?