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how to cascade timers

Question asked by serdar on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by serdar

Hi All,

I am working on K64F board with Kinetis SDK 1.2.0 and trying to read a sensor.

In my application, I need to

1. set a timer to output pulse

2. trigger two ADCs to read inputs by DMA at rising edge

3. go to ISR after 4000 reading


I achieved first step . I hope I'll achieve second step after checking examples. But for third step I couldn't solve that how can I cascade timers. I want to connect pulse output timer to another timer as clock input to count up to 4000 and then go to ISR. I used ftm for pulse output.

Which timer module should I use for cascading? I see that cascading is not possible for ftm on datasheet.


Thanks in advance,