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Can LVDS share same clock as IPU_DIx post PODF?

Question asked by tom malnar on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by igorpadykov

As I understand it the LVDS channels can use one of 5 clocks,

000 pll5 clock

001 pll2 352M PFD

010 pll2 396M PFD

011 MMDC_CH1 clock

100 pll3_sw_clk


and it can also have a post 3.5/7 divider on that clock.

We use pll5 as our IPU DI clock parent.  We further use CHSCCDR and CSCDR2 to divide the clock some more to drive the DI.

Is there a way to reuse that same clock the DI is using as the LVDS clock?   I can't seem to see that anywhere in the reference manual.  For example the parallel RGB is fine in this case because it uses the output DI clock.   I would have thought that there would be a path to feed that output DI clock into LVDS.

Is this possible? Is there something I am missing?