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imx6sx MCC memory location

Question asked by Tim Michals on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by niranjanbc

The Linux driver for mcc and M4 linker files use 0xBFF00000 memory address. DDR RAM starts at 0x80000000 and goes to 512M or 1G. 1G(0x3f800000) + 0x8000_0000 is  0xBF800000, According to manual section 2.2 IMX 6SX 8000_0000 to FFFF_FFFF is the MMDC xDDR controller.


- what is the type of memory is being referenced, i.e SRAM, DDR. (the linker files states its DDR) some other mapping?

- is there a Linux driver that creates this mapping?