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K22(MK22FN512CAP12R) using ISO 7816

Question asked by Yaochia Yang on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Kan_Li

Hi all,


for ISO7816, three pins are used for communication.


CLK, I/O and RST.



I will connect I/O with UART0_TX, for I could see in some document UART_TX could be configured to I/O pin for 7816 standard.

also, UART0 are the only one which supports ISO7816 in K22 120MHz.



i will connect RST to UART0_RTS_b.



Kinetis K60 and ISO7816

i see this information in the forum as well. CLK is suggested to tie with FTM.

i am gonna connect this with FTM0_CH5. is this feasible?

as far as i learn from the reference manual, it seems configurable though.


is the way connection gonna work for SW?