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Problem compiling TWR-Ke0D72M example code

Question asked by Bob Rowland on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Bob Rowland

Hi All:  I just received a TWR-K20D72M board today and am trying to compile the example code that came with it.  Prior to receiving this board I downloaded the K20 72MHz example code and was able to compile several of the example projects.  But when I tried to compile the twr-k20d72m-oobe.eww program that came with the TWR-K20D72M I ran into a number of problems that seem to be related to arm_math.h file and some of the include files.  I added ARM_MATH_CM4 to the defined symbols and added cor_cm4.h, core_cmInstr.h, core_cmFunc.h, and core_cm4_simd.h to the build.  When I try to compile the program I get a lot of “incompatible” errors that are related to the intrinsics.h file that is being read from my IAR arm libraries.  I have tried to locate a newer intrinsics.h file that is compatible with core_cmFunc.h and common.h, but no luck so far.  Can you shed some light on this problem?