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flashing algorithm for S29GL01Gs series

Question asked by agxin j on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by Pete Schroepfer


i am trying to erase this flash S29GL01GS10TFI010 i am getting sector protection error when i create targeted task it is only having S29GL01GP series flash by default can i use this part for flashing the S29GL01GS part .only 64Mx16x1 and 64MX16X2 are listed from the organisation defined in the xml file while creating the task in the drop down box  the other organization is having a different  device id  x 22 than       x 227E  provided in the datasheet  as per the synatx  <name>Capacity/Bus Width/Number Of Devices</name>  our capacity is 128M so shall we change the value of the capacity in the xml file  to 128M  S29GL-P_16x1.elf