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About DDR3 DQS Gating, Write and Read Delay Code Example in i.MX6DQ.

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

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Refer to "19 DDR Calibration Code Examples" in AN4467 i.MX 6 Series DDR Calibration, Rev. 2.


Code examples in this section are for 64 bit of DDR data (1 channel 64-bits DDR3, 2 channels 32-bits LPDDR2).


My customer is using 1 channel 64-bits DDR3 with i.MX6DQ.



Next, refer to the below code in "19.2 DDR3 DQS Gating, Write and Read Delay Code Example".


// Issue a write access to the external DDR device by setting the bit SW_DUMMY_WR (bit 0)

// in the MPSWDAR0 and then poll this bit until it clears to indicate completion of the write access.


while(reg32_read((MMDC_P0_IPS_BASE_ADDR + MPSWDAR_OFFSET)) & 0x00000001);




Finally, refer to "44.12.68 MMDC PHY SW Dummy Access Register (MMDCx_MPSWDAR0)" in IMX6DQRM(Rev.3).


For Channel 0: All

For Channel 1: DDR3_x64, LP2_2ch_x16, LP2_2ch_x32





In case of DDR3 64 bit access, is it necessary to set "SW_DUMMY_WR" for both of Channel 0 and 1?

(I think that it doesn't need. User should set it only for Channel 0.)



I have understood as the following about MMDCx_MPSWDAR register.

- MMDCx_MPSWDAR[1:0] for channel 0

- MMDCx_MPSWDAR[5:2] for channel 0 & 1 : DDR3_x64

Is my understanding right?


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