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interoperability of Freescale and XBee

Question asked by Subbanarasaiah Sadu on Nov 15, 2015

Hi all,

presently I am working with freescale board TWR-KW24D512. Now I am able to communicate between two freescale boards.

at present my requirement is to test the interoperability. so I used XBee PRO S2B device. but I am unable to communicate between Xbee and freescale boards. I made same PAN ID in both the boards and both the boards have same stack profile.even i put the same channel.

The problem what I am facing is  " XBee board is unable to join in the network even though they have same PAN ID" and one observation i found is freescale boards have certain steps to form and join the network like

1. selecting a suitable channel

2. create the network

3. join the device

4. binding the device

5. communicating between two devices.

I also observe that there is no such process for XBee boards. we just have to write the PAN ID then it automatically search the network and it will automatically join the network

I selected application in freescale board is wireless UART. currently I don't know the default application profile for XBee PRO S2B.

what might be the problem ?

is it the problem related to application profile?

one more problem I am facing is I am unable to detect over the air packets by sniffer when I am communicating between two freescale boards. how can I get the packets by sniffer and I used the sniffer named "USB-KW24D512"

what is the process to capture the packets by sniffer?

looking forward for your reply?