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What I have to change in u-boot code if I want to change the more DDR size which is supported by DDR controller?

Question asked by Pratik Bhatt on Nov 16, 2015
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In QDS board each DDR size is 8GB and there are two DDR so total 16GB DDR is there. Now suppose i want to change that DDR size up to 256GB so each DDR controller can support 128GB for doing that what changed i have to make in u-boot code.


I go through the u-boot code dram_init part from common/board_f.c file but i didn't find any proper field which can describe the DDR size.


When we read the Chip select memory bound register CS0_BNDS  and CS1_BNDS it will shows its value 0x000003ff so what that means? and for change the size of supported DDR i have to changed value in this register?


waiting for your valuable reply.