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MC13213 upgrade to KW2x

Question asked by arnogir on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez



I'm using a system with a remote and a coordinator.


The system is done with MC132213 and the Beestack (Slave/coordinator).


I know the new Kw2x allow to reduce power consumtion.

I think this will be great for my remote to increase battery live.


I have some question about an upgrade of my remote wfrom MC13213 to Kw2x (The coordinator will stay with MC13213)


1) Is the beestack with Kw2X is compatible to communicate with beestack MC13213? (In other word, is it ok to keep coordinator with MC13213 and change remote to Kw2X?)


2) My remote is only composed with MC13213 and BP. Then the MC13213 go to sleep to reduce consumtion (0.5µA). and then the Keyboard interrupt wakeup the µC.

After try, I thing the beestack with Kw2X is not possible to have a wakeup only with a Keyboard interrupt (External pin)?? I onlyfound with timer... I have right? What should be the solution?



Thank you