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On chip boot ROM decides hid or usb mode?

Question asked by maheshkumarkodanda on Nov 13, 2015
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Recently I started working with i.MX6 Quadcore, I am trying to flash Bootloader.

I am getting an error like this ''waiting for u-boot serial console at COM4''.


So, I thought there will be either a problem with U-boot or with COM port (COM4 in my case).

To check U-boot problem - i tried flashing U-boot files (.bin & .uimage files) using MfgTool and the flash is successful.

Here I found while flashing using MfgTool the USB is in HID mode(Human Interface Device).


So I'm suspecting a problem with COM port, when i checked ref doc i found Boot ROM puts serial downloader into HID mode to flash.

My question is how can i put serial downloader into COM mode instead of HID mode?


Please help asap.


Thanks inadvance.