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DSC56F84452 ADC signals conflict using internal gains amplifiers x2 and x4.

Question asked by Mirko Ruggeri on Nov 13, 2015
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I am usigng three ADC inputs to read one external anlaog signal with three different gains (see the schematic attached).


When the input with the x2 gain goes in saturation, the read of an other input (used to read the Motor Temperature) is changed.

It seems that the signals go in conflict, because also the input signal with gain x2 goes down to a level lower than the saturation.


The signal in input to the microcontroller is stable and it is not affected from any saturation or alteration, such as the x1 and x4 inputs are not altered.


In order to better explain the problem I attach the Schematic and the Freemaster Recorder image of the signals.


Thank you in advance for your attention.


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