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KDS 3.0 + PE Multilink Window 7 and Windows 8 incompatibility?

Question asked by Raymond White on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by ZhangJennie

So I started a KDS 3.0 project on a Windows 8 machine in my cubical. The target is a MK64 and I debug with P&E's multilink universal.


Anyway, I have been humming along for months on this project without any problems. So yesterday I moved the target board and multilink to the lab where the PC is running Windows 7. I installed KDS 3.0 and loaded the project (it is on a shared network drive). Again, no problems. Got the job done very efficiently.


Today, I move it all back to my cubical, its not like the Win 8 computer has changed in one day. And yet now KDS refuses to play with my multilink (see screen shot below). Device manager says the multilink is working OK. KDS sees, the multilink but throws an error.


I take it all back to my Win7 machine, works fine!. Back to the Win8 machine, no-go! Downloaded and installed the latest drivers from P&E, still no luck.


For now it appears I am stuck with doing development in the lab on the Win7 machine.


Anyone else ever run into this problem?