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IMX6SX - MFGtool error when programming emmc

Question asked by a a on Nov 13, 2015

Hi everyone,
I'm currently using a custom board based on the imx6sx sabresd schematics where the SD4 is replaced by an EMMC.
When I try to program the board using the mfgtool, the software will stop at "access boot partition 1" and after a few seconds the message "mmc3: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt. mmc3: new HS200 MMC card at address 0001" will appear. If I try to resume the mfgtool, everything goes fine, but the board won't boot anyway.


My pin setting is the following: SW10: all off; SW11: 3,4,5 on; SW12: 2 on.

Has anyone experienced a similar error?

You can find attached the whole mfgtool log

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