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How to store flexNVM data on KDS/KSDK/PEx

Question asked by Yaran Nan on Nov 12, 2015
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I am pretty new to this concept. Hopefully someone can help me,.

1. The chip i am using MK20DX256VLL10

2. The tool i am using is KDS3.0 with KSDK1.2 and PEx

3. I try to take a look at demo code but it is about program flash, not abou dataFlash/FlexNVM or EEEPROM.

I also looked at K20RM and AM4282. I think i understand the concept but the code that i made is still not working.

4. I tried to write this single feature on KDS2.0 + PEx to make sure i understand the concept. It works well.

Below are steps that I did:


Change the flash configuration of CPU

Add fsl_flash component from PEx




The C90TFS base address is 0x40020000 Program flash address: 0x00000000.

I found out at generated flash file, EEPROM and Dflash size is 0. I coudnt modify it.

I used the code below to try to write four bytes data into Dflash whose address is 0x10000000

It doesnt throw me error but i just couldnt read it back.

Could anyone spot anything wrong?




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