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Aptina MT9P031 driver for the i.MX6

Question asked by Nathan Jozwiak on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi all,


I'm wondering if there is an official driver out there for the Aptina MT9P031 for the i.MX6. I have this camera I'd like to test out, but I don't see any drivers for it in the Yocto BSP.


I found the following thread where a guy was trying to get it running in Android. He found the same as me, that the MT9P031 driver is in the mainline kernel (drivers/media/i2c/mt9p031.c) and Freescale does not make use of the soc_cameras for their capture sources in drivers/media/platform/mxc/capture/.


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By the end of the thread it looks like he put together a driver based on the OV5642  that exists in the Freescale tree. I did download what he posted, unfortunately it doesn't compile in my 3.10.53 kernel. The thread is quite old though (2013), so I wanted to know if there was anything official released for this camera by Freescale?