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MKW01 SyncAddressMatch 

Question asked by Ivo Brandão on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by antonioconcio

Hello everyone,

I’m having a difficulty Configuring the  MKW01Z128 to receive data packet through RF . I’m able to put the transceiver in Receiver mode, and I have configured the SyncWordValues ( which in my case is 4 bytes), the interrupt for the SyncAddressMatch  does occur , but only if SyncToll is equal to 7 bits, after that the flags PayloadReady, FifoNotEmpty and FifoLevel  are asserted, but the content of the FIFO (RegFifo) don´t have the content that i am expecting, which should be the message sent. I cant figure out what i'm doing wrong.

have someone faced a similar problem?