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[Yocto 3.10.53/i.MX6SX] Enable GPT Capture on i.MX6SX

Discussion created by Lambert Zhang Employee on Nov 11, 2015
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HI Team,

Customer asked us to implement GPT capture on i.MX6SX,  provided sample code in uboot to customer for reference. FYI.


Some customers want to enable GPT Capture mode on their design.  It can be used to measure signal width. Here is sample code in uboot for GPT capture function.

HW Platform:

i.MX6SX SDP board

HW Modification:

SD1_CMD:  config it to CLKO1 function

SD1_DATA0: config it to GPT Capture 1 input

We can shorten TP86 to TP89 for quick test:

SW Platform: BSP 3.10.53_GA


SW  code path: arch\arm\cpu\armv7\mx6\clock.c


SW detail:  Pls refer to attached for detail







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