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Codewarrior 9.4 on Macintosh

Discussion created by Larry Biehl on Feb 4, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by Larry Biehl
I have used Codewarrior for many years for a freeware application for the Macintosh. It is now time to convert to XCode. I am first converting the project to a MachO application. I am using CW9.4 and XCode 2.5. After creating a MachO target, I find that I cannot debug my original target (carbon) code. When I start the debug version, there is a long pause and the application starts up without the normal start screen at the beginning of the code. Codewarrior does not stop at any breakpoints. When I quit the application, there is a long pause. When I try to run the application again (in debug) mode, I get the message that "The process is already starting".

Does anyone know what is going on? I tried upgrading to Codewarrior 9.6. I downgraded to XCode 2.2. I removed Codewarrior and reinstalled. It seems like once I created a MachO target, some switch got changed which will not allow me to debug my non-MachO (carbon) target.

Thanks for any advice.