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pmsm_demos_twr-kv58f - motor doesn't run

Question asked by Roger Tannous on Nov 11, 2015
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I've copied pmsm_demos_twr-kv58f.bin (from the newest version of the QSP -- TWR-KV58F220M_Quick Start Package\Precompiled Examples folder) to the MBED drive, reset the board, but the motor doesn't run. (I've successfully tested other examples like blinky_KV58.bin and bubble_level_ftm.bin so this specific procedure, other than being too easy, is familiar to me).


I've also followed the instructions in the TWR-KV58F220M-QSG.pdf (Quick Start Guide), for the jumper settings (for both TWR-MC-LV3PH and TWR-KV58F220M) and the steps to follow, but still nothing happens.


When using FreeMaster, D5 is always flashing. D8 is on (what does this LED indicate ?), and D3 is green (I expect:: motor running) OR D4 is red (I expect:: motor stopped).
In FreeMaster, I've chosen --> Variable Stimulus --> stimulator_01 [Speed Required] --> Right Click --> Run! So I can see the  Speed Required value alternating between 800 and 1500, but the Speed Actual value is always 0.


I'm using the same PMSM motor that came with the TWR-MC-LV3PH board.


Is there any undocumented step that I should be doing ?


Please help,